Education & Certifications

  • Bachelors of Science in Engineering Physics
    Southeast Missouri State University
    Functional Minors: Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering
    University of Missouri-Columbia
    Emphasis: Structural Engineering
  • NISC-IDC Certified Senior Detailer

Mark A. Snyder, PE

573-449-9177 x 1202 | 573-397-4980 |

The “how does it work” bug hit me early on. As a kid, I figured if it had screws it was meant to be taken apart, almost begging me to figure out how it worked. Engineering just seemed like a natural fit for my abilities and interests. And I like the fast paced problem-solving atmosphere that comes along with the industry.

I like to think I help others find answers to their problems, be it joints or truck delivery. I enjoy finding ways to get the job done more efficiently, checking off all the boxes, knowing it may not be the way we thought we’d do it but in reality it gets the job done.

Running my own business started with a similar chain of events and opportunities. With the help of some very smart people, Snyder Engineering managed to grow to the company that it is now.


Education & Certifications

  • Design Drafting Technology
    Linn State Technical College
  • Building Trades I & II
    Pike/Lincoln Technical Center
  • ADDA Certified Mechanical Drafter

Austin M. Dowell

Vice President – Sales and Estimating Manager
573-449-9177 x 1217 | 573-397-4984 | Cell: 573-645-6072 |

My career at Snyder Engineering kicked off with a summer internship in 2006. I joined the team full-time in 2007, starting in detailing, and worked my way into estimating and project management.

I manage projects throughout the entire job. I’m a big picture person, so I enjoy estimating the most. I bid the project, then sell and enjoy being part of the entire project from beginning to end. I try to consider the process as a whole rather than getting stuck in the small details that can offset or delay a project. By doing so I help keep myself and others focused.


Education & Certifications

  • Computer Aided Drafting Technology
    Vatterott College
  • NISD-IDC Certified Detailer

Adam Bakos

Chief Detailer
573-449-9177 x 1216 | 573-397-4981|

I started with Snyder in 2003 as a detailer at the bottom of the totem pole, and worked my way up to chief detailer in 2011. I’ve always had an interest in architecture and like that the variety of each project keeps my mind fresh.

The longevity of my role in a project makes me proud. I like knowing the shop drawing I create will be around as long as the building is standing. I think of myself as a problem solver and go-to guy. We’re professionals at Snyder, and we have a fun time. I mean, who wouldn’t like a job working with cool people and wearing a t-shirt and flip flops to work?


Project Management



Education & Certifications

  • Design Drafting Technology
    Linn State Technical College
  • NISD-IDC Certified Detailer

Jim Stogsdill

Project Manager
573-449-9177 x 1222 | 573-397-4987 |

Before attending Linn State, I built houses. I hurt my shoulder preventing me from continuing on that path. I met Snyder Engineering through a Linn State job fair, then I joined the company in 1999. I still wanted to be involved in the construction industry without doing physical labor, so Snyder Engineering was a great fit.

I like figuring out a way to make things happen, especially helping out a customer who’s calling from a job site and needs something done. We go take some measurements and photos and make it work. I’m not afraid to jump in and help out to get the job done.


Sales and Estimating


Education & Certifications

  • Design Drafting Technology
    Linn State Technical College
  • ADDA Certified Drafter

Alex Juricic

573-449-9177 x 1215 | 573-397-4983 |

For me, it was the whole design aspect of buildings that I found appealing. I had admired design work when I was little, but it wasn’t always the path I imagined. In high school I took a drafting class that reignited the spark. That is when I decided that I wanted to continue my education in that area by attending Linn Technical College.

I found the opportunity at Snyder Engineering through the Linn website and joined the team in the middle of 2014. I enjoy the work that I do and the workplace is a great environment. It is easy to relax, get work done, and there is a bit of goofing around. I look forward to coming to work each day.



Education & Certifications

  • Manufacturing Engineering & AutoCAD Technology
    Southeast Community College
  • NISD-IDC Certified Senior Detailer

Dan Wuger

Senior Stair & Rail Detailer
573-449-9177 x 1214 | 573-397-4986 |

It all started for me when I was a sophomore in high school. I didn’t take my required computer class when I was a freshman, and I didn’t want to be the only sophomore in a freshman class. I talked to my guidance counselor and found out that the AutoCAD class that my school had could be a substitute for my computer class. After I got started, I found out just how much fun detailing and designing is for me and it just took off. By the time I was a senior, I was teaching the class since my knowledge had surpassed my teacher’s knowledge of AutoCAD.

When I came to Snyder Engineering back in 2004, Mark was looking for a stair and rail detailer. I was happy to accept and have been doing stairs and rails ever since. For me, stairs and rails are more of a challenge than the structural side of detailing. I like the design aspect. When I am done and the project is erected, I know that everyone that uses that stair will be able to see and use my work.


Education & Certifications

  • Design Drafting Technology
    Linn State Technical College
  • NISD-IDC Certified Senior Detailer
  • ADDA Certified Mechanical Drafter

Michael Lane

Structural Detailer
573-449-9177 x 1220 | 573-397-4988 |

After high school I went into the work force, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I worked for a few years and the hard manual labor was taking a toll on my back and knees. I then realized that I needed a game changer. I have always had an interest in learning how to draw houses/buildings but never knew where to begin.

I was between jobs and decided I would finally go to some college. I found that Linn State Technical College had offered a two year degree in Design Drafting and realized that this is what I was looking for.

Linn State had a semester of architectural, structural, and mechanical. It gave me a variety of options to do after I had graduated. I attended the job fairs at Linn State. While attending one of the job fairs, I met Mark Snyder. He had told me about the company and showed me some things about the software that they were using (SDS2). He had a job available and I was interested in starting my career in the structural steel industry.

I graduated in 2007 and immediately started working for Mark. I have learned much about steel and how to operate the software while working here. I plan to keep learning and working for Snyder Engineering, Inc. as long as I can.


Education & Certifications

  • Bachelors of Science in Engineering Technology – Mechanical Design
    University of Central Missouri

Alex Cox

Structural Detailer
573-449-9177 x 1213 | 573-397-4982|

I wanted to get my bachelor’s in engineering technology because I had future plans of going into inventing or building. Though I planned to go for the inventor route, Mark Snyder found me and saved me from my student loans.

I really enjoy working in the detailing department because of the work and the people I work with. The chief detailer is usually singing or doing something to promote a good time.

My hobbies include woodworking, guitar building and computer maintenance. This has led me to become the unofficial “fix-it” guy for the office. I am proficient in auto-CAD, inventor, SDS2.



Education & Certifications

  • Bachelors of Science in Business Management
    Southeast Missouri State University

Brett Koehler

Human Resources and Account Manager
573-449-9177 x 1211 | 573-397-4985|

I’ve always had an interest in community, business and finance. After working several years in the insurance industry followed by time with a civil engineering firm, I sought further opportunities to work closely with people in the Human Resources setting.

Joining Snyder Engineering, Inc. in January, 2015, I’ve been afforded such a surrounding to work closely with the office staff and fabrication employees. In addition to monitor policy, procedures, accounts, insurance, and sub-contractor documents.

The team at Snyder are a dedicated, enjoyable group. A great deal goes into our work process from estimating, bids, project management, detailing and fabrication of the finished output. It takes the whole organization functioning together to create an exceptional product and great work environment.

When away from work, I enjoy exercise, being outdoors and spending time with family.



Education & Certifications

  • Bachelors of Science in Business Management
    Missouri Baptist University

Michelle Leverenz

Administrative Assistant
573-449-9177 x 1201 | 573-397-4989 |

I joined Snyder Engineering in December of 2010 as part of the administrative team. I have 20 plus years of office experience with 15 of those years in the engineering/construction business. I enjoy being the central part of our whole process. I am involved administratively in the project from the bidding stage through detailing and design until fabricated and delivered. Since we do have local projects, I love that as I drive through town with my children I can point out our balconies/railings and say with pride, “We did that.”

My top priority at Snyder Engineering is providing the best service possible to our clients in whatever way I can help. I have formed relationships with our vendors and clients which is a big plus to my day. I believe attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference so why not have a great one! The top reason I feel blessed to work for Snyder Engineering is that everyone works as “one” to provide customer satisfaction, willing to help each other out, and not just doing their job description.




Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    Southeast Missouri State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Communications/Public Relations
    Southeast Missouri State University

Juanita Snyder

Risk Management and Benefits Specialist
573-449-9177 x 1203 | 573-397-4992

Mark and I started Snyder Engineering, Inc. in the basement of an old office building in downtown Columbia in 1995.  We didn’t initially have enough work to keep us both busy, so for the first few years, I continued to work for State Farm Insurance.  The company grew rapidly, and it was soon obvious that it was no longer a one person job.  I came to work for the company on a full time basis in 1998.  Since that time, we have continued to grow and evolve.  We strive to continually find the fastest, most cost effective, and innovative ways to serve our customers.  Our goal is to provide the best product at the best price with the best service.