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Mark A. Snyder, PE

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Cell 573-808-5310

Austin M. Dowell

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We’ve done a lot of engineering over the past two decades and tend to sway to the heavy side: steel and concrete.

What We Do

Stair and Rail Design

  • Engineers licensed in all 50 states
  • Load calculations for stair systems
  • Strength checks for all stairs and rail members
  • Structural specifications for pre-drawn or conceptualized systems

Structural Steel Design

  • Design bid
  • Design build
  • Evaluate and improve structural system plans – RAM, RISA Software
  • Peer review – RAM, RISA Software

Steel Connection Design

  • Licensed in-house connection designers
  • Partner with other engineering and detailing companies for incorporation into their designs
  • Available as part of a steel detailing package
  • Utilize SDS/2 and other production software
  • Building member connections
  • Truss connections
  • Misc. steel connections

Concrete Design Services

  • Concrete foundation design
  • Reinforced concrete design
  • Precast concrete design